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Bartender Rescue

A Letter From Our Founder


Bettie Janes is not just a cannabis product and services company, it is a culture.  A place where women stop competing and start empowering one another, meanwhile normalizing safe cannabis use.  We have found the skills of a bartender translate well into the role of a Bettie Jane. Attention to detail, compassionate bedside manner, the ability to multitask,... to name a few.


Bettie Janes was created to rescue female bartenders, like ourselves.  As a young single mother, bartending would become my career, for three decades.  I started smoking cannabis when I was 15 years old, the same time I began serving alcohol, not realizing it wasn't just for recreational use, I was medicating!  This medicine allowed me to erase the disrespect, harassment & verbal abuse tolerated as well as help mend the physical pain of long hours.  Over the years, I have established many deep friendships with my bar regulars, many of whom have passed away due to alcoholism.  This could no longer be the way I was providing for my family.  I made the choice to share medicine and no longer pour poison.  


Taking a chance and risking financial instability, I left the bar world and created a company where I was not only respected as a woman but admired & honored.  As the Bettie Janes, our goal is to share this achievement with women everywhere, to provide a safe workplace supported by kind people, & to offer an opportunity for financial freedom, all while healing the world with this magical plant! 


-Varinia Sims

Founder | Bettie Janes





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